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Matt’s "Not your Moms Pesto"


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Pesto #1 - Cilantro


Serves 2



Cilantro                 120 grams  (4 oz)

Pecan nuts            60 grams  (2 oz)

Garlic                    2 cloves or more if desired

Jalapeno               ½ but check level of spiciness

Cojita cheese        60 grams (2 oz)

Olive oil                desired amount


Blend coarsely in a Quisinart

Mix with desired pasta, pour desired amount of olive oil, sprinkle with more cheese or use parmesan cheese, mix and enjoy.

Pesto #2 - Kale 

Serves 2


Fresh kale                                     120 grams (4 oz)

Fresh garlic                                   2 cloves (+/- to taste)

Sliced almonds                              40-60 grams toasted

Pecorino Romano cheese                40-60 grams (2-3 oz)

Salt                                              pinch

High phenolic olive oil                    1/3 to ½  cup

Water                                          ¼ cup or to consistency
Lemon juice                                 1-2 tablespoons,

                                                  reduces bitterness of kale

Red pepper flakes                         for more kick, if desired


Wash kale and place in food processor, add garlic and pinch of salt.  Chop until fine – 30 to 60 seconds

Add cheese and olive oil – blend until smooth.

Add water to soften consistency to smooth goo – can use more olive oil also.

Add toasted almonds and briefly pulse into soft pesto leaving some chunks.


Serve over cooked baked potatoes.  Top with more grated cheese as desired.


Can be used on crackers or bread as spread as well.

Pesto #3 - Arugula 

Serves 2

Arugula                               120 grams (4 oz)

Shelled walnuts                   40-60 grams (2-3 oz)

Grated parmesan                 40-60 grams (2-3 oz)

Olive oil                              ½ cup or more to texture

Garlic cloves                        6 roasted golden brown in olive oil

                                         (save oil for making pesto paste)

Garlic clove                         ½ to 1 fresh

Salt                                    pinch to ½ teaspoon



Brown garlic cloves in a skillet until golden brown, about 7-10 minutes on medium high heat

Toast the walnuts in a similar manner in a dry skillet or in a toaster oven

Combine arugula, parmesan cheese, garlic cloves and salt in food processor

Pulse to blend and then drizzle olive oil into blender until texture of choice

Adjust salt as desired if not sufficient

Add nuts and blend briefly to allow some larger pieces to remain for texture


Server with choice of pasta, on baked potatoes, bread or as pizza spread


Tools Used


Scale to weigh
Food processor like Cuisinart
Skillet for roasting
Measuring cups and spoons
Boiling, salted water to cook pasta of choice

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